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Wish White Pearls  BC336295  MPAG  vs  Sony Pictures   

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Feature Film Presentation

Film Type: Feature Film Franchise


Budget: $300 Million


Status: Active Development


Genre: Drama Modern Day Bible Story


Principle Photography Start Date of Production: Undetermined


Wrap Date of Production: Undetermined


Estimated Release Date: Undetermined


Title Number: 37


Contact Information: whitepearlsgodswish@yahoo.com      (866) 634 - 9747 enter user id 4291 press 2 to leave a message.



Synopsis "Wish White Pearls"

God was blessing a young women who forgot she was a Zillionaire, she recently found her old friends on facebook in god's presence. While speaking to one of her old friends that denied her assistance in the past he throw her into a deep shock by offering her a deal orally to have her client's perform at the Conga Room and to be interviewed and then broadcasted on a national radio show  where millions could know. That got god's attention because he was talking about a famous actor that she met in the past.  God was suspicious that her old friend's intentions were untrue when he changed his story a day or two later. God set another famous singer that she dated in the past to eliminate him if god's suspicions were correct.


One night when the young women was in the kitchen in a tiny two bedroom house where she was visiting god came over her with him, god was smiling because he knew she was ready to re - marry. God asked the actor if he wanted her a Zillionaire but he would have to be a gold digger then he would be the richest man in the world she of course is the richest human alive, he hesitated god was patient and finally he agreed she watch clearly as he played a game on her in the presence of god she caught him and was happy.


She laid down to rest for the night, he and god followed her to bed god asked her if she would obey him and she said yes, yes she felt anything you want my lord god pointed out to her he is better than the one who almost slipped into her life. So she agreed with god she would be different from the past and accept him the first rich one to come along. She promised god not to have sexual relations with none other than him before and after his arrival. God slipped a chasity belt on to her to determine faithfulness.


God  tried to make her see she had to worship the ground he walked on she felt he was the greatest she slept with his picture 11 times she thought he was handsome  clothes perfect hair just everything while trying to feel what god made. Days later she was unable to obey because he was not present in pysical and she felt foolish guided by the sprit. God brought him close in an experience she could feel his heart pure love and her, she almost felt love at the same time from her heart but she stopped it. She could not fall in love because her mother taught her a man has to love her more than she loves him so god made her remember this.


God showed her what it would be like before marriage a short romance less than a month then the wedding because of his schedule like a athelete that played basketball for the Lakers. And that she would be like another that married a famous actor and she felt he would look at other women and date many when she was not around. Then she remembered him to be with only one women at a time and her admiring him for dating any women judging by the last women she actually saw him with.


Days later she visualized the truth this was not god's first time matching them she prayed to date someone rich and famous and when god sent him, he tryed to talk to her but she did'nt see he was a blessing from god and she kept going at the Century Club. This time god knew what to do he gave him a place in her life where he could win a previous marriage where she was a teen bride; a marrage that belonged to a man from the royal familiy of a real emperor and ruler of a nation.


She was excited to see it clear that he was beautiful inside god told her she never had a man like him that had both chemistry and science, some how he turned her blessing, Treasury Bond she had sitting in a court case worth Zillions with 50 other Third Party Beneficiary's. She was treated like a queen when married to her royal husband and hired a beauty queen from India that cryed and showed her bruises from her husband beating her, she always wondered what that was like and wanted to try so god showed her this could finally happen to her with this man the actor he matched her with.


It was all distroyed by a sorcerer a casting director that we both met she is a person that practices black magic a wizard she went onto his picture and made somthing, god block her from the young women and condemned her for latching onto her chasity area in a gay experience.



Legitimate Employment Opportunity


Executive Producer's To Sell Shares In The Wish White Pearls Film Franchise


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Job Description: Since the producer is involved through out all major phases of the film making process your task will vary from assignment to assignment assistant casting, and will also include inception, development, through completion, also to assist with screen writers in the writing department http://writerstaff.webs.com/ .


How ever most of your time will be spent speaking with business owners about sponsorship donations, product placement, endowments, you will build a clientele. This will be done by cold - calling prospects combining corporate entertainment with telemarketing in a work from home office environment, on the telephone perhaps even canvasing going door to door to meet people these initial contacts will yield a percentage of your first clients.


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Job Description: Writing Department you will be asked to create pitch presentations, further develop the logline, synopsis, work with the writers in the department assisting them in daily tasks, creating promos, helping with treatment development, creating text for the book, creating text for the website and social networking, creating postings and ads. However most of your time will be spent speaking with business owners about sponsorship donations, product placement, endowments. You will build a clientele. This will be done by cold - calling prospects on the telephone and perhaps even going door to door to meet people. These initial contacts will yield a percentage of your first client. Full time, part time and spare time available contact me again to set up an interview via email. Automated virtual legitimat work from home employment. Click on document to download the application, confidentiality agreement, and non- compete than submit via email trainingcertified@yahoo.com  to set up an interview via email.





Zillionaire Empress Danielle Berhane Management Firm Project Manager


Zillionaire Empress Danielle Berhane Management Firm leader of the organization married into the Royal Family of Addi Abba Ethiopia Emperor Haile Selassie's family. Emperor Haile Selassie, the Lion of Judah claimed bloodlines to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.


Better known as "Superstar Designer Danie B", she is the original designer of hip hop clothes as a young teenager for Le style of California as featured in Quincy Jones remix video "I'll Be Good To You" this was long before Phat Farm, Sean John & Fu Bu.


Zillionaire Empress Danielle Berhane paid dues in Hollywood, California hard she first started designing clothes for Le Style of California she was noticed by Quincy Jones and the Jacksons on Titus St. in November of 1990 as a teen. She interned for one of the most beloved Talent Agents in Hollywood at the time Josh Schiowitz.


She then ran across a women named Beverly Pomerance, she was the guest coordinator for the hit game show at the time Family Feud for Mark Goodson Productions a top production company with the best in Hollywood game shows. She believed in Zillionaire Empress Danielle Berhane's beauty she saw that Zillionaire was so beautiful she should be on TV, she sent her over to the largest cable station at the time. Zillionaire interned than became a producer of her own hit music video show entitled "The Danie B Show". Warner Bros. Records Steve Stevenson, Arista Records which was lead by Clive Davis, Playboy which Hugh Heffner is known for founding, Deathrow Records, A&E Records all helped her career through video distribution and invitations to parties and events she even was offered $20,000 to pose in Playboy.


She was then discovered by Jay Leno of the Tonight Show in the late 90's. She was a Page for Audience Unlimited in Studio City on the universal Studios lot. She worked on a lot of sitcom's in the 90's  The Jamie Foxx Show, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Roseanne Bar Show, Drew Cary Show, Dave's World, Sybil Sheppard Show, Wayans Brothers Show, Fresh Prince of Bellaire starting Will Smith, In The House staring LL Cool J, these were all mega hits and today are still earning money through syndication. She also worked at the Walt Disney Studio's in Burbank on a show called 'Buddy's" staring Richard Roundtree and Comedian Dave Chappell. She also met Shaq O Neil and Snoop Dogg.


They called her fashion designer "Danie b" she was known for having a big butt like Kim Kardasian is today. Her all time favorite best friend is Joseph Marcel he played the butler on Fresh Prince of Bellaire she had relatihon with comedian Dave Chapelle, Brain Mc Knight, Judge Joe Brown, and Jermaine Jackson of the famous Jackson 5 in the past. She and his brother Michael Jackson dated in mind but not in pysical. She networked a lot on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood where the rich and famous lived.


She is the investment manager for the Motion Picture Actors Guild of America. The Motion Picture Actors Guild of America is the new union for millionaires. The first multi - zillion dollar organization in history to reposition monies through a sale of a non - profit long term bill of sale security instrument consisiting of 2 Los Angeles Superior Court Cases $800 Trillion and $975 Trillion.  The Motion Picture Actors Guild of America's Dollar value on paper in the court system was $4 Zillion now $10,000 Zillion dollars.


Stars: $1 million - $40 million front and backend deals .with cash advances in pre - production.


Co - Stars: $10,000- $50,000 front and backend deals with cash advance in pre - production.


Principle: $2,000 - $4,000 front and backend deals with cash advance in pre - production.



Agents & Manager email: agentsmanagers@yahoo.com




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